Book is the first month of spring in Ancardia.


Knowledge, Learning, Laws


Lawful tendencies (it's harder to change), one free skill increase per level, increased chance to learn spells, +3 to initial Learning.

Bonus evaluation[]

Lawful tendencies (it's harder to change)[]

+500 to initial Alignment. According to testing it is approximately 10% less alignment drop due to chaotic actions. For lawful actions the reduction seems to depend on PC level. This will typically not affect the game in a significant way.

One free skill increase per level[]

The efficiency of this bonus varies depending on the race & class combination of the PC. Low-Learning characters with several powerful skills will benefit the most, while for other characters the difference will be marginal.

Increased chance to learn spells[]

The effectiveness of this bonus is significant in 1.1.1. Semi-spellcaster classes will experience less negative effects while learning spells.

+3 to initial Learning[]

This bonus is significant, considering the difficulty of increasing this attribute in the early game for most classes. Yields from book reading improve, and the PC might get yet another skill increase per level.

Note that while this stat boost was always present, it was not documented in the game until 1.2.0 Prerelease 17.[1]


Spell-learning bonus is probably the most significant of all three, unless the player wants to level-up his/her PC's skills as soon as possible. Thus, the star sign will work better for semi-spellcaster classes (melee-oriented classes with Concentration) like Paladins, Weaponsmiths and Archers. Pure spellcasters like Wizards or Priests might find the +3 Le attractive, even if they're already good at learning spells otherwise.