Suffix Effect Notes
of anger The PC is forced to fight with Aggressive tactics Not to be confused with armors of rage. Note that if the PC changes to Very Aggressive or Berserk tactics, (s)he will still return to Aggressive tactics, thus being slightly calmed by the armor.
of balance Gradually shifts the PC's alignment towards Neutral; chaotic and lawful PCs will lose 3 HP every 20 turns due to burning pains Not to be confused with the effects of amulets of balance
of carrying Increases Carrying capacity Not to be confused with a girdle of carrying or gloves of carrying
of chaos Same effect as an amulet of chaos
of damnation Dooms the PC while worn
of defense 4 more DV points than usual
of hate May turn encountered monsters or (peaceful) NPCs hostile Very dangerous around shopkeepers and important quest givers
of health Reduces turns spent recovering from sickness
of hunger Decreases satiation that the PC gets from food
of leadership Adds +6 to Charisma
of life Increases maximum HP by 20%
of order Same effect as amulet of order
of power Increases maximum PP by 20%
of protection 4 more PV points than usual
of rage Wearing it doesn't prevent true berserking if all other conditions are met
of resilience Adds 4-6 to Toughness
of sloth Decreases speed by 20
of speed Increases speed by 5
of the sea Same effect as rings of the fish without the autocursing
of travelling Halves food consumption when traveling through the wilderness

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