Prefix Effect Notes
antimagical Stops PC's PP from regenerating
auto-locking Autocursing Not to be confused with trapped armor
beautiful Adds 4 to Appearance
charged Deals a small amount of shock damage to the PC every 20 turns
empowered Increases PC's PP regeneration rate
extra-heavy Weighs x4 as much as usual
green Grants acid resistance The armor itself may still be susceptible to acid-based item destruction.
gorgeous Adds 8 to Appearance
heavy Weighs twice as much as usual
light Weighs half as much as usual The player may need to be cautious of these when weight-identifying certain armors — e.g. the Shirt of the Saints has the same unID'd form as light clothes.
padded Grants resistance to stunning
red Grants resistance to fire The armor itself may still be susceptible to fire-based item destruction.
rotting Whenever the PC would regenerate HP there is a 90% chance that they do not. Similar to and independent from the regeneration penalty from the Decay corruption.
shining Adds 1 to Appearance
soft Becomes damaged more easily
trapped Cannot be removed; not even by means of curse removal Such armor can be disposed of through item destruction or polymorphing with potion of raw chaos or blessed potion of exchange.
ultra-heavy Weighs x8 as much as usual
vigilant Adds 4 to Perception
vile Reduces both Appearance and Charisma to 1
white Grants resistance to cold
worm-ridden Causes sickness every 100 turns The disease immunity intrinsic does not prevent this effect.
yellow Grants shock resistance The armor itself may still be susceptible to shock-based item destruction.

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