Blue Dragon Caves is the name commonly given to a five level dungeon found deep in the Caverns of Chaos. It is entered from a staircase found on the fourth level of the Unreal Caves (the one that Sharad-Waador is found standing beside); making it a side-branch of a side-branch of the caverns. It is referred to as "some ancient dragon caves" in the death log, and uses the shorthand "DL" ingame.

Main Features[]

All five levels of the Blue Dragon Caves are cavernous, meaning they have a high monster generation rate and a lot of open space. Unsurprisingly, there are a lot of blue dragons found in the caves. Blue baby dragons appear on the first level, whilst blue dragons and ancient blue dragons appear on deeper levels. The first four levels also contain various other monsters of very high danger level, including greater molochs and greater titans.

The bottom level of the Blue Dragon Caves is home of the ancient blue wyrm, Srraxxarrakex. The level contains only blue dragons — lots of them. Some great blue wyrms are also found on the level. Monsters do not spawn on the 5th level.

Whilst the levels can yield huge amounts of treasure due to the abundance of dragons and wyrms, PCs are also very vulnerable to item destruction due to be constantly subjected to lightning breath. Most players will just take on the caves to satisfy Sharad-Waador's quest, if attempting an ultra ending.



Sharad-Waador's quest takes place in the Blue Dragon Caves. It is possible to enter the caves without taking the quest; however, there will be no reward for killing Srraxxarrakex before taking the quest (unlike with, e.g., Kherab's quests).