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Being blessed is an item property that can modify its power and effect, usually in a beneficial manner. Any item has a 10% chance to be generated blessed, and items can be blessed by dipping them into holy water, and in certain special cases with a trick involving scrolls of repair.


  • Blessed items are much less likely to be affected by item destruction, for instance by hits of monsters or traps, a constant annoyance and danger to any PC.
  • Blessed items deal +50% damage to demons and undead. This is on top of any other damage-increasing modifier, such as critical hits and slaying. This is true not only for weapons - even a thrown blessed large ration will get this bonus.
  • Most items with effects of a magical nature, such as magical amulets and rings, will offer greater benefits compared to uncursed status if they are blessed. As a rule of thumb, blessed status never modifies numerical values (e.g. a blessed ring of defense +1 will continue to give one extra point of DV even if blessed), but improves on effects that are not otherwise specified, resistances and other intrinsics being one of the exceptions.
  • Blessed food confers +25% nutrition upon consumption compared to normal uncursed food, with few exceptions.
  • Pretty much any scroll, potion, tool, wand, book or other in some way usable item will offer greater benefits if it is blessed. For instance, a blessed potion of gain attributes will add +1 to every stat, whereas the uncursed potion randomly chooses one and gives it this bonus; in a sense the blessed potion of gain attributes is nine times as powerful as the uncursed one.

Noteworthy examples[]

While every item gets at least a little better by going from uncursed to blessed, some items get much better. This is worth bearing in mind when deciding which items to bless, since methods for blessing items are limited in supply. A summary of such items is given in the table below.

Item Uncursed effect Blessed improvement
Crystal of knowledge Does magic mapping Also increases Learning by 1d2 (if Learning is below 31)
Fireproof blanket Has a 15 in 1000 chance to be destroyed Chance is three times less (5 in 1000)
Girdle of carrying Raises carrying capacity by Strength * 50 Doubles capacity boost (Strength * 100)
Girdle of greed Raises carrying capacity by half the weight of gold Doubles bonus to full weight of gold
Lightning lizard corpse Grants shock resistance Has a 12.5% chance to grant shock immunity instead of resistance
Moss of mareilon* Trains Dexterity by 10d100 when used Trains dexterity by 60d30+30
Necklace of rapid healing Divides natural regeneration time by 2 Divides natural regeneration time by 8 (quadruple benefit)
Oil of rust removal Removes rust from rusty items Removes rust from rusty items, completely rustproofs unrusty items
Potion of balance Adjusts stats based on mean average Adds 3 to mean average when calculating new values
Potion of cure corruption Removes 50d10 corruption points Removes 50d30 points
Potion of exchange No effect when an item is dipped in it Transforms items that are dipped in it
Potion of gain attributes Increases one attribute by one point Increases all attributes by one point
Potions of -stat- (e.g. of strength, learning, willpower, etc.) Raises stat by one point Raises stat by two points
Ring of djinni summoning Summons a djinni companion Grants a wish (instead)
Ring of ice / Ring of fire 80% chance of protection 98% chance of protection
Scroll of corruption removal Removes 100d10 corruption points Removes 100d30 corruption points
Scroll of identify Identifies one group of items (e.g. all wearable stuff) Identifies entire inventory and equipment, B/U/C status included
Scroll of magic mapping Reveals parts of level Reveals entire level
Scroll of uncursing Uncurses one item Uncurses entire inventory and equipment
Seven league boots Reduces base movement cost to 900 Reduces base movement cost to 750
Stethoscope Shows target's stats except for level, number of attacks and attack damage Shows all target's stats
Stomafillia* Raises satiation by 2000 Raises satiation by 6250
Troll corpses Has a 50% chance to increase natural regeneration rate Always increases natural regeneration rate

*Picked herbs are more likely to be blessed if the PC is skilled in Herbalism.