Bless is a spell that temporarily blesses the target, which can be any NPC standing in one of the eight squares around the player, or the player themselves.

When blessed, NPCs or players enjoy more luck, as well as being slightly better in combat. That is unless the NPC in question is undead - they will suffer major damage or be killed, unless they manage to shrug off the soothing touch. Though potent against undead, like Burning Hands it's a close combat spell with the associated risks of standing next to enemies, without the guarantee of a hit.

Contrary to popular mythology, blessing has no effect on food consumption. Blessing food using holy water does, however increase its nutrition value, but the holy water blessing effect is unrelated to the spell.

Effectiveness PP Cost Range Effect Length Damage
x 8-(x/5) 1 1d29+114+2x 4d4+29+x
0 8 1 1d29+114 4d4+29
1 8 1 1d29+116 4d4+30
2 8 1 1d29+118 4d4+31
3 8 1 1d29+120 4d4+32
4 8 1 1d29+122 4d4+33
5 7 1 1d29+124 4d4+34
6 7 1 1d29+126 4d4+35
7 7 1 1d29+128 4d4+36
8 7 1 1d29+130 4d4+37
9 7 1 1d29+132 4d4+38
10 6 1 1d29+134 4d4+39
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