School Clerical
Type Utility
Range Touch
Base cost 8
Equivalent item Potion of holy water

Bless temporarily confers the beneficial blessed status upon a target being (either the PC or an adjacent monster) when cast, unless the target is an undead monster. The spell is damaging to undead targets, although this damage has a chance to be shrugged off entirely.

The duration of the blessed status condition can extended by casting the spell multiple times. Additional duration can be gleaned from each cast by equipping items which boost Willpower and/or Mana while casting.

Although it doubles as a potent offensive spell against undead monsters, its utility is limited by its status as a touch spell; standing next to certain undead can expose the PC to stat draining attacks and other unpleasant abilities.

If a PC has been permanently blessed through crowning, they will derive no additional benefit from casting Bless on themselves.


Duration of blessed status effect given by each cast is based on the caster's Willpower (W), Mana (M) and spell proficiency (P), per the following formula:

1dW + 2*(M + P)

Damage against undead targets is determined by the following formula:

4d4 + W + P