The Big Room is a huge level found on D: 6 or D: 7 of the CoC. It is particularly notable for being the only guaranteed source of herbs in the game.

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
< Up stair The up stair can be located anywhere on the level
> Down stair The down stair can be located anywhere on the level

The Big Room is home to a supply of herbs, as well as numerous monsters of varying types. It can be a very dangerous area for inexperienced (or doomed) players due to its high monster generation rate and the ease with which the player can get surrounded. Summoners and breeders are exceptionally troublesome if left unchecked, since they can produce huge numbers of monsters and make the level virtually impassable. Dark elves are particularly frustrating, since they'll often summon large hordes of spiders whose webs can disrupt herb growth. The safest way to deal with large groups of summoned monsters is to flee to the stairs, ascend (or descend) with a group of monsters, and kill them on another floor. Repeating this process will eventually clear out the summoned creatures since they will not reproduce while the PC is not on the level.

Players wishing to perform extensive herb farming in the Big Room (or to simply travel through the room without having to fight constantly) might pacify it.


Numerous monsters of varying types.