In-game description "You sport a babbling mouth on your forehead that rants and raves dark secrets."
Message when acquired "You sprout a babbling mouth on your forehead that rants and raves!"
Message when removed "The babbling mouth on your forehead disappears."
Attribute changes -6 Charisma, -6 Appearance, -4 Perception, +8 Learning
Other effects Casts random spells, costing all PP, granting spell knowledge and ~10% chance of losing 1 Willpower.
Completely nullifies Stealth.
Ghost librarian will never give away the weird tome.

Babbling mouth is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It makes the PC periodically cast a random spell, draining all PP and granting a low number of spell knowledge points. It also makes the PC automatically fail all Stealth checks, and prevents the PC from getting the weird tome from the ghost librarian.


A very odd corruption. Its Learning boost is universally beneficial, and whilst the stat penalties it brings are somewhat significant, the three stats in question are generally regarded as the least important ones. It also nullifies Stealth, as if the PC was using a torch.

Its secondary effect, however, is a bit trickier to assess. At random intervals, the mouth screams a formula that invokes the same effect as a wand of wonder, i.e. casts a random spell and slightly increases the PC's knowledge of that spell. The effect seems to have a 1d1000 chance of occurring at each turn; some testing has shown statistics of a minimum of 71 turns and a maximum of 4339 turns passing before the effect activated. Though appropriately rare, it is possible for the randomly chosen spell to be Wish.

There is an additional price to pay for this effect, though — once activated it depletes all of the PC's PP. This may prove very frustrating and even dangerous for PCs heavily relying on their own magic, although veteran spellcasters tend to have very fast PP regeneration. It does have the additional benefit of training Mana quite quickly without draining the PC's own spell base. Fighters inept with magic might find this effect quite beneficial, depending on the spell that is cast (though it does mean that very unfortunate accidents, like unexpectedly attacking an adjacent NPC with a ball spell, can occur). Mindcrafters, on the other hand, might be largely disadvantaged by the effect as they depend more on maintaining their PP.

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