Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

Gives bonus to speed and extra chances to receive stat increases on level ups.

Manual info[]

This is a passive skill. It is used to raise your physical attributes by training your muscles and movement powers. Whenever you raise a level, this skill influences your chance to raise a physical attribute. Athletics works especially well for characters with low stats.

Athletics also affect your speed score. At 70+ you gain +1 to speed, at 75 you gain +2 to speed, at 80 you gain +3 to speed, at 85 you gain +4 to speed, at 90 you gain +5 to speed, at 95 you gain +6 to speed and at 100 you gain +8 to speed.


Speed bonus is obvious from manual.

The skill passively trains some stats—Strength, Dexterity, Appearance and possibly Toughness—often making them more likely to receive increases when the character levels up. If this does not give immediate increase, there is a small chance of receiving extra raises even afterward.

Advanced uses[]



Race: Troll
Classes: Barbarian, Beastfighter, Chaos Knight, Duelist, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Weaponsmith.


The skill appears to train itself; there are no certain circumstances known that result in the skill being trained.