In-game description "Your close attunement to corrupted astral space allows teleportation."
Message when acquired "You suddenly feel more attuned to the astral planes."
Message when removed "You suddenly feel less attuned to the astral planes."
Attribute changes None.
Other effects Grants intrinsic teleportitis.

Astral attunement is one of the 35 possible corruptions that can be inflicted on the PC. It causes the PC to teleport at random times.


Same as teleportitis intrinsic. If the PC has teleport control, it provides some free, randomly-timed teleportation. If not, it is extremely inconvenient, and although not immediately disastrous, may be deadly in certain situations. Teleport control is a priority in any game, and this is just one more reason to acquire it as soon as possible, especially if the PC has begun the game with astral attunement due to being a Chaos Knight.

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