The Assassins' Guild is a three level dungeon separated into the DDL, VDDL, and the Assassins' Guild (named ???? ingame) on the third level located near the centre of the map just down the road from the Pyramid. The first two levels are commonly explored for a variety of reasons, while the third level is generally ignored except by players attempting an Ultra ending.

Main Features[]

The DDL is a random level of quite low difficulty. It can contain any typical dungeon features. It is notable only in that it is one of the most easily accessible herb producing levels.

The VDDL is a level filled with teleport traps. This can be rather annoying for players without teleport control, since they will find themselves constantly teleported to random locations of the level. The main objective of most visits to the VDDL is to find the wand of teleportation that is located next to the stairs, which is always in an isolated room separated from the rest of the level. This is an important item for many early-game strategies such as a Darkforge raid, and is generally a very useful item to have. The wand can be most easily obtained by a player with teleport control and a scroll of item detection or wand of item detection. The item detection effect will allow the wand to be located, and then one of the traps may be used to reach it. Scrolls of magic mapping will generally reveal enough of the location of the stairs for an educated guess to be made as to the wand's location. If controlled teleportation is unavailable, the wand may be also be reached by digging, even if item detection is also unavailable. Stupendously lucky and persistant players may even be able to teleport to the wand with a random teleport. Attempting to descend the stairs will cause the player to be teleported away until the player receives the message "You suddenly feel attuned to this area in a very special way." It is not clear exactly how many teleports are required, but it is probably about 60. It seems that the farther away from the stairs your teleport destinations is, the faster you get attuned. Once this reached, the player may descend to the Assassins' guild on the third level.

Symbol Name Notes
@ Assassin Prince Provides the Filk Quest.
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
@ Assassin Various assassins, master assassins, and doppelgangers.

The Assassins' Guild is filled with (mostly) non-hostile assassins, master assassins, and doppelgangers, as well as numerous trapped corridors and secret passages. Attacking assassins with missile weapons or making a noticed pickpocket attempt will trigger an alarm making all of the assassins, including the Assassin prince hostile. Thankfully, the assassin prince can still chatted with as normal when hostile. There are numerous false pathways in the guild; however, these are all easily identified because the true path contains no traps. Players who are greater than level 45 and have the artifact dagger Needle will receive the Filk Quest from the Assassin prince. Afterward, he may be killed to receive the companion dagger Sting.

The VDDL is also known to have a danger level of 8, making it a desirable place to engage in ring dipping.



Players above level 45 who have completed Sharad-Waador's quest and are carrying Needle will receive the Filk Quest from the Assassin prince