Artifacts are special items in ADOM, which are indestructible through conventional means and are unique (with the exception of the si and the antediluvian dwarven map fragments).

Artifacts can be generated in different ways; several are only available through the completion of certain quests, while others are randomly generated in a variety of ways including precrowning, shops, greater vaults, surges of power, the Merchant Guild, and random drops.

While equipped, all artifacts increase food consumption by 0.5 units per turn per artifact. Crowned players get a discounted cost of 0.25 units per turn per artifact. This penalty is rounded down, meaning that PCs who are not crowned can equip a single artifact without penalty, while those who are crowned can equip three.

Most artifacts can only be destroyed by being sacrificed to a deity or fed to the Demented Ratling. Notable exceptions include the potion of literacy, which disappears after it is drunk, and the ring of the master cat, which will explode if the PC kills a cat while wearing it. The Elemental Chaos Orbs cannot be destroyed by any means whatsoever. Monsters that flee into the wilderness while carrying an artifact can be found roaming the wilderness[1].

Guaranteed Artifacts[]

Name Type of Item Location Notes
Chaos Orb of Elemental Fire Tool Tower of Eternal Flames Grants +10 Strength while equipped, can be 'U'sed to replicate the Fireball spell. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Air Tool Air Temple Grants +10 Dexterity while equipped, can be 'U'sed to summon a tame air elemental. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Earth Tool Earth Temple Grants +10 Toughness while equipped, can be 'U'sed to replicate the Earthquake spell. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Water Tool Water Temple Grants +10 Willpower while equipped, can be 'U'sed to completely heal the PC. Vital for winning the game.
Chaos Orb of Elemental Mana Tool Mana Temple Grants +10 Mana while equipped, can be 'U'sed to completely restore PP and add Mana. Vital for winning the game.
Si Tool CoC D:8 Replicates indefinitely while in the player's inventory.
Sword of Nonnak Weapon Dwarven Graveyard Found by digging at the grave of Griff Bloodax in the lower level of the Dwarf Graveyard. Weak weapon, but provides nice increase to Willpower.
Big Punch Weapon Dwarftown Reward for completing Thrundarr's Quests. Powerful weapon, but extremely heavy.
Rolf's Companion Weapon Dwarftown Given to lawfuls by the dwarven mystic. Damage increases dramatically when paired with Rolf's Saviour.
Death's Sting Weapon Arena Awarded for winning 20 fights in the Arena. Can be traded to Bart for skills and weapons training.
Needle Weapon CoC UL:4 Awarded completing Sharad-Waador's Quest. Damage increases dramatically when paired with Sting.
Sting Weapon Assassins' Guild Carried by the assassin prince. Damage increases dramatically when paired with Needle.
Moon Sickle Two-Handed Weapon Caverns of Chaos Found on a random level between Dwarftown and the wall of flames. Corrupts when used to attack, turns potions into potions of raw chaos.
Rune-covered trident Two-Handed Weapon Received at level 16 or 36 Reward for sending Blup to his mother. Raven-born characters receive at level 16. Others receive at 36.
Axe of the minotaur emperor Two-Handed Weapon Minotaur Maze Reward for slaying the minotaur emperor. Extremely heavy. Large loss of DV as a two-hander. Good at scoring critical hits and excellent damage.
Sceptre of Chaos Two-Handed Weapon SIL Found on the floor of the SIL, guarded by MaLaKaI. Essential for an ordinary chaos god ending. Makes a poor weapon as it corrupts and dooms the PC.
Trident of the Red Rooster Two-Handed Weapon Terinyo Reward for giving Khelavaster the crumpled scroll. Essential for Ultra Endings.
Crown of science Helmet Darkforge Lying on the ground in a hidden room in Darkforge. Dubious value; dooms, but provides a large increase to Learning.
Crown of Chaos Helmet Ancient Stone Circle Reward for killing Keriax. Essential for Ultra and ordinary chaos god endings. Useless otherwise; corrupts while carried, dooms while worn.
Ancient mummy wrapping Body armor The Pyramid Dropped by Rehetep when killed. Provides numerous useful intrinsics in exchange for mediocre DV/PV and significant loss of Appearance.
True Strength Girdle D:50 Available only to a Paragon of Order. One of the most desirable artifacts, but quite difficult to obtain.
Shield of raw steel Shield Darkforge Reward for Killing Guth'Alak. Dubious value; corrupts the PC, but provides two elemental immunities.
Rolf's Saviour Shield Dwarftown Reward for completing Thrundarr's Questsguaranteed for lawful PCs who ask Thrundarr about Rolf beforehand. Increases damage of Rolf's Companion while worn.
Elemental gauntlets Gauntlets Dwarven Graveyard Hidden in a small room behind the grave of Griff Bloodax. Protects worn rings, reduces corrupting effects of Chaos Orbs.
Boots of great speed Boots Quickling Tree Guarded by a quickling king and queen at the end of the Quickling Tree. Gives great speed but corrupts while carried and dooms while equipped; extremely situational.
Black torc Necklace Druid Dungeon Only available to players who take the Kill Keethrax quest. Useful intrinsics and speed boost, but curses the PC.
Ankh Necklace The Pyramid Dropped by Rehetep. Gives luck, fate smiles, and increases luck.
Amulet of raw steel Necklace Darkforge Reward for Killing Thrundarr. Corrupts while carried or equpped, considered to be generally useless.
Medal of Chaos Necklace High Mountain Village Reward for completing Gaab'Baay's Quests. Required for an ordinary chaos god ending or Ultra ending; dubious value otherwise.
Ring of the master cat Ring Caverns of Chaos Players who have not killed any cats receive it from the cat lord. One of the best artifacts in the game due to its Dexterity and speed bonuses.
Ring of the High Kings Ring Hall of the High Kings Used to allow players to pass the eternal guardian. Otherwise unremarkable.
Phial of Caladriel Potion Gremlin Cave Casts light when 'U'sed for all of the PC's PP. Can temporarily blind humanoids if thrown at them; limited use otherwise.
Potion of literacy Potion Dwarftown Reward for completing Thrundarr's Quests. Grants the Literacy skill to illiterate players, or raises it and trains Learning otherwise.
Amulet of resurrection Amulet Lawenilothehl (August 30) Only generated on Resurrection Day, in the black market. Works as an upgraded, indestructible amulet of life saving.
Tome of donors Book Moldy dungeon Found on the 5th level of the moldy dungeon. Can be read for various beneficial random effects.
Antediluvian dwarven map fragment Scroll Various Six of these can be found. The complete map can be assembled once all have been collected.
Ancient dwarven key Tool Eerie Glade Found in a special grave in an eerie glade; required to open the portal at the bottom of the Sinister dungeon.
Antediluvian dwarven map Scroll Assembled from map fragments Reading this reveals the location of Rolf's fortress.
Unpick axe Weapon Rolf's fortress Found on the first level of Rolf's fortress; it is a pick axe that can be used both to dig and create walls.
Bergbringer Tool Stone dragon caves Dropped by Katharamandus. It is necessary to complete Rolf's quest and to access the volcano. Using it causes an earthquake.
Gleaming dwarven rune axe Weapon Rolf's fortress Rewarded by Rolf upon successful completion of his quest. An excellent weapon with good damage and defense.
Gleaming dwarven shield Shield Rolf's fortress Rewarded by Rolf upon successful completion of his quest. One of the best shields in the game.
Heart of Ancardia Tool Volcano Found on the 16th and final level of the volcano. Using it summons a fire elemental companion.
Cornucopia Tool Fungal Caves Dropped by the Fungoid overlord. Increases luck when equipped; can be zapped to increase satiation.
Horn of plenty Tool Fungal Caves Dropped by the Fungoid overlord. Increases luck when equipped; can be zapped to create herbs, food, and water.
Chain mail of raw steel Body armor Darkforge Reward for kill the seraphim of order. Grants regeneration and paralysis resistance, but corrupts.
Weird fire starter Tool Minotaur maze Found on the final level of the maze. Using it in the right place and time opens up the Ultimate Dungeon.
Scroll of omnipotence Scroll Ultimate Dungeon Dropped by the Supreme balor.

Crowning-Only Artifacts[]

Name Type of Item Notes
Foeslammer Two-handed Weapon Crowning gift for Chaos Knights

Very powerful weapon that slays humanoids and plants, and has an increased critical hit rate even against other monsters. Spreads terror.

Spiked armor of chaos and terror Body armor Crowning gift for Chaos Knights

Amazing PV and grants fire immunity, resistance to cold, and resistance to acid. Spreads terror, so it cannot be worn around shopkeepers or in villages without angering them.

Moloch's Thorns Boots Crowning gift for Chaos Knights

Extremely heavy and strong boots that allow the wearer to kick with devastating force and control teleportation, but also slow him/her down. Automatically smash any altar the PC stands on, risking divine retribution.

Crowned spiked helmet of chaos lordship Helmet Crowning gift for Chaos Knights

Very strong helmet that provides water breathing and see invisible. Spreads terror.

Fencing gloves of St. Montojja Gauntlets Crowning gift for Duelists

Provides stun and confusion resistance, and great bonuses to Dexterity, speed, and DV; very good artifact overall.

Rapier of the needle Weapon Crowning gift for Duelists

Decent damage potential, with a slightly increased critical hit rate. Good bonuses to Dexterity, speed, and DV.

Staff of Creation Two-handed weapon Crowning gift for Mist Elves

Provides an enormous boost to Willpower and grants fire immunity and resistance to cold, shock, confusion, and death rays. Mediocre as a weapon.

Ring of the archmages Ring Crowning gift for Wizards

Improves DV, PV, mana, and PP regeneration. Grants resistance to sleep, death rays, paralysis, and shock. Grants see invisible and teleport control.

Random Artifacts[]

Name Type of Item Notes
Black Thumb Weapon Minor boost to Toughness, slays plants. Not very useful.
Black whip of extinction Weapon Whip that slays animals, dragons, demons, unlife, humanoids, giants, undead, insects, plants, and jellies.
Bloody Rose Weapon Whip with a high chance to score critical hits. Grants resistance to stunning and shock.
Bugbiter Weapon One-handed spear that increases Dexterity and slays insects, but has mediocre damage potential.
Cat's Claw Weapon Bad damage, but the Dexterity bonus makes it decent for missile users or spellcasters.
Eagle's Claw Weapon Sword that is good at scoring critical hits and causes the wielder to levitate. Slays undead, unlife, and insects. Grants immunity to cold and resistance to confusion.
Executor Weapon Slays demons and undead, increases speed and Strength. Good despite it cursing the PC.
Hammerhead Weapon Unbreakable pickaxe.
Hornet's Sting Weapon Rapier whose to-hit, DV/PV, and speed bonuses improve as it drinks blood. Grants teleportitis and teleport control, but is not very useful as a weapon.
Justifier Weapon Demon and undead slayer and deals double damage for Paladins. Does half damage for other classes.
Kinslayer Weapon Humanoid slayer with respectable damage. Autocursing makes it annoying versus disarming enemies and in Ice Queen Domain.
Masher Weapon Mace whose damage and strength bonuses improve as it drinks blood. Grants resistance to stunning, resistance to confusion, and see invisible.
Michals Transmogrifier Weapon Mace that spreads terror and improves charisma. Stone statues damaged by it are tamed. Grants shock resistance.
Purifier Weapon Excellent damage and slaying powers, grants luck.
Scorched spear Weapon One-handed spear that slays plants and grants cold immunity. Bad damage for an artifact.
Serpent's Bite Weapon Always poisoned, slays humanoids, high critical hit rate.
Scorpion's Sting Weapon Poisonous spear with respectable damage. Improves speed. Grants luck, see invisible, poison resistance, and confusion resistance.
Silence of the Dead Weapon Poisonous, humanoid-slaying dagger whose to-hit, damage, and dexterity bonuses improve as it drinks blood. It grants resistance to poison, sleep, and death rays. It grants luck, fate smiles, see invisible, and water breathing. It returns when thrown.
Skullcrusher Weapon Humanoid slayer, increases Strength, and grants resistance to stunning and confusion.
Trusted One Weapon Grants resistance to acid, cold, fire, shock, sleep, petrification, stunning, death rays, and paralysis, increases DV and PV, but terrible as a weapon.
Whip of the vampire snake Weapon Whip whose to-hit, damage, dexterity, and speed bonuses improve as it drinks blood. Grants resistance to poison.
Arak's Guard Two-handed weapon Pole arm whose to-hit, damage, and toughness bonuses improve as it drinks blood.
Death's Blade Two-Handed Weapon Provides death ray resistance, but fails to substantially outclass eternium two-handed swords.
Grod Two-Handed Weapon Excellent damage, slays demons, often scores critical hits, provides fire immunity. Nasty loss of DV, especially as a two-hander.
Hammer of the gods Two-Handed Weapon Provides shock immunity and returns when thrown. Uses the Clubs & Hammers weapon skill.
Headman's Hand Two-handed weapon Two-hander whose to-hit and damage improve as it drinks blood. Good at scoring critical hits. Grants resistance to death rays and immunity to cold.
Judge & Jury Two-handed weapon Two-hander whose to-hit, damage, and dexterity bonuses improve as it drinks blood. Grants death ray resistance, shock resistance, and see invisible.
Kalmius' Shield Two-handed weapon Staff with respectable damage that improves willpower, DV, and PP regeneration. Grants death ray resistance and paralysis resistance.
Lead great axe Two-handed weapon Poisonous two-hander that slays plants and is good at scoring critical hits.
Long Sting Two-Handed Weapon Boosts Perception and speed and grants paralysis resistance, but has low damage. Has great to-hit when thrown, but doesn't return.
Nature's Breath Two-handed weapon Unlife-slaying recharging staff that creates an herb patch when zapped. Grants resistance to poison, sleep, paralysis, and disease.
Soaker Two-Handed Weapon Grants paralysis resistance, but deals low damage. Has great to-hit when thrown, but doesn't return.
Staff of the Archmagi Two-Handed Weapon Substantial increase to Mana. Can be activated to cast Improved Fireball. Usually not worth using over a shield.
Staff of the Wanderer Two-Handed Weapon Boosts Toughness and grants useful intrinsics, but usually not worth using over a shield.
Staff of wonder Two-handed weapon Recharging staff that grants knowledge of a random spell when zapped. Good bonuses, but contains the essence of Chaos and Corruption.
Vanquisher Two-Handed Weapon Slays dragons, undead, unlife, humanoids, demons, and jellies.
Wyrmlance Two-Handed Weapon Slays dragons.
Devilbane Missile Returning scurgar that slays demons.
Sonic Boom Missile Boomerang that improves DV, PV, dexterity, and speed. Grants shock immunity and confusion resistance. Enemies damaged by it are stunned.
Thunderstroke Missile Extremely powerful quarrel that returns when fired.
True Aim Missile Very powerful arrow that returns when fired.
Sun's Messenger Missile Weapon Indestructible bow with great damage modifiers and undead slaying.
The Far Slayer Missile Weapon Fantastic to-hit and damage.
Whirlwind Missile Weapon Useful for PCs with good sling proficiency, grants fire resistance.
Lust for Glory Shield Mediocre DV/PV but grants resistance to death rays, paralyzation, and petrification.
Nature's Friend Shield Grants all elemental resistances, but has low DV.
Protector Shield Excellent stats, grants resistance to sleep, stunning, and confusion.
The Wall Shield Gives a massive amount of DV and PV. Improves toughness and grants resistance to stunning.
Chain mail of the martyred crusader Body armor Greatly improves willpower, protects against background corruption, and improves PP regeneration. Grants luck, fate smiles, poison resistance, death ray resistance, confusion resistance, water breathing, shock immunity, and disease immunity.
Nature's Companion Body armor Immunity to fire and shock, excellent bonus to speed.
Perion's mithril plate mail Body armor Excellent PV, and provides fire resistance, acid resistance, and disease immunity.
Robes of resistance Body armor Excellent PV, nice bonus to Toughness, grant resistance to acid, fire, and shock.
Robe of the master monk Body armor Lightweight armor that improves willpower and speed. Grants see invisible, water breathing, and disease immunity. Grants resistance to fire, cold, shock, poison, sleep, paralysis, and confusion.
Shirt of the Saints Body armor Lightweight armor that grants see invisible, confusion resistance, and sleep resistance.
Wyrm's Behest Body armor Grants luck and immunity to all four elements.
Circlet of the pure mind Helmet Improves willpower and PP regeneration. Grants resistance to death rays and confusion.
Crown of leadership Helmet Bonus to charisma, respectable stats, grants poison resistance, see invisible, and confusion resistance.
Helm of the Night Watchmen Helmet Improves perception and generates light. Grants resistance to sleep, stunning, and confusion.
Iron Crown of Havlor Helmet Massive DV and PV, especially for a helmet. Hefty to-hit penalties.
Third Eye Helmet Randomly maps nearby parts of the current level. Improves perception and grants see invisible.
Celestrix Girdle Massive bonus to DV/PV, particularly for a girdle, plus numerous desirable intrinsics, but situational since it also causes dooming.
Potion belt Girdle Makes carried potions weightless and immune to item destruction.
Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense Cloak Cloak of invisbility that grants resistance to all the elements.
Cloak of Oman Cloak Very nice DV/PV and Dexterity bonuses. Gives teleportitis, which is useful once controlled, but dangerous and annoying otherwise.
Tattered cloak of the dark souls Cloak Autocursing cloak of invisibility that reduces willpower. Grants resistance to sleep.
Venom Mantle Cloak Grants resistance to poison and immunity to acid. Monsters attacking in melee are damaged and blinded by acid.
Bracers of pure might Bracers Bracers that improve DV, PV, strength, and speed. They protect against background corruption and grant see invisible.
Bracers of war Bracers Excellent bonuses to PV, DV, and Dexterity. Grant regeneration, bonus melee critical hit chance, and resistance to stunning, death rays, and confusion.
Manacles of madness Bracers Autocursing bracers that improve learning and PP regeneration. Grant teleportitis, acid resistance, and see invisible.
Quicksilver bracers Bracers Improve DV, PV, and speed. Grant resistance to petrification, paralysis, and shock.
Ironfist Gauntlets Great bonus to Strength.
Shezestriakis Gauntlets Excellent DV and grant resistance to poison, acid, cold, fire, and shock, but absolutely colossal penalty to to-hit. Autocursing, which make swapping rings annoying.
Boots of the divine messenger Boots Excellent bonus to Dexterity. Grant teleport control, paralysis resistance, and death ray resistance.
Boots of the far wanderer Boots Improve willpower and speed. Grant both teleportitis and teleport control. Grant water breathing and sleep resistance.
Amulet of indomitable life Amulet Improves DV, PV, and toughness. Grants regeneration, disease immunity, poison resistance, and death ray resistance.
Aylas Holy Scarf Amulet Fantastic DV/PV bonuses, especially for an amulet. Grants disease immunity and protection from background corruption.
Preserver Amulet Excellent bonuses to PV, DV, and Willpower. Grants regeneration, paralysis resistance, poison resistance, and luck.
Stone of the ages Amulet Improves DV, PV, and learning. Grants resistance to death rays, paralysis, and petrification. Can absorb artificial aging.
Ring of immunity Ring Provides immunity to all elemental damage and good PV/DV.
Black tome of Alsophocus Book Very dangerous. Reading it teaches a random spell, but adds corruption determined by the difficulty of the spell. Contains the Essence of Chaos and Corruption.
Silver key Tool Acts essentially as an unbreakable set of keys. Can generate locked, trapped doors on an empty square in exchange for PP.
Scroll of the finder Scroll Acts as a scroll of magic mapping, gold detection, item detection, monster detection, or treasure creation. Not consumed when read, but each read causes a small amount of corruption.

Version History[]

Due to a bug in 1.1.1[2], a number of artifacts were only possible to generate through crowning: Aylas Holy Scarf, Black Thumb, Boots of the divine messenger, Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense, Bugbiter, Cat's Claw, Cloak of Oman, Death's Blade, Grod, Iron Crown of Havlor, Justifier, Kinslayer, Nature's Friend, Perion's mithril plate mail, Shezestriakis, Shirt of the Saints, Silver key, Staff of the Wanderer, Sun's Messenger, True Aim, Trusted One, and Vanquisher. It was also impossible for Celestrix and Lust for Glory to generate.

Exclusive crowning gifts for Chaos Knights, Duelists, and Mist Elves were added in 1.2.0: Crowned spiked helmet of chaos lordship, Fencing gloves of St. Montojja, Foeslammer, Moloch's Thorns, Rapier of the needle, Spiked armor of chaos and terror, and Staff of Creation. The Amulet of resurrection was made available on a resurrection day. Pickpocketing artifacts was made impossible[3]. Thunderstroke and True Aim were given the ability to return, and Silver key was given the ability to create trapped doors. Various means of modifying and destroying artifacts were prevented.

In 2.1.0, Tome of donors was added.

In 2.3.0, the artifacts related to the Rolf quest were added: Ancient dwarven key, Antediluvian dwarven map, Antediluvian dwarven map fragment, Bergbringer, Gleaming dwarven rune axe, Gleaming dwarven shield, Heart of Ancardia and, Unpick axe.

In 2.3.2, Perion's mithril plate mail was given higher PV, to-hit bonuses, and disease immunity. Aylas Holy Scarf was given background corruption protection and disease immunity.

More random artifacts were added in 3.0.0: Amulet of indomitable life, Arak's Guard, Black whip of extinction, Bloody Rose, Boots of the far wanderer, Bracers of pure might, Chain mail of the martyred crusader, Circlet of the pure mind, Devilbane, Eagle's Claw, Headman's Hand, Helm of the Night Watchman, Hornet's Sting, Judge & Jury, Kalmius' Shield, Lead great axe, Manacles of madness, Masher, Michals Transmogrifier, Nature's Breath, Potion belt, Quicksilver bracers, Robe of the master monk, Scorpion's Sting, Scroll of the finder, Silence of the Dead, Sonic Boom, Staff of wonder, Stone of the ages, Tattered cloak of the dark souls, The Wall, Third Eye, Venom Mantle, Whip of the vampire snake, and Wyrm's Behest. Also, Ring of the archmages was added as an exclusive crowning gift for wizards. The artifacts relating to the Heavenly Area, Fungal Caves, and Ultimate Dungeon were added: Cornucopia, Chain mail of raw steel, Horn of plenty, Scroll of omnipotence, and Weird fire starter.