The arena is a location found on D: 3, D: 4 or D:5 of the Caverns of Chaos. It can be immediately recognized by repeated messages saying "You hear the ecstatic cries of a large crowd!".

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
r Ratling trader Sells different types of food
r Ratling rebel Provides pamphlets denouncing arena fights
@ Dak Allows you to fight in the arena when chatted and provides rewards
@ Nak An'Dwar Carries a map fragment

The arena has a randomly regenerated left half and a fixed design right half. The left side is essentially random, save that most dungeon features, such as herbs, seem to be disabled. The right side will feature a large square room filled with numerous ratling traders, as well as a single ratling rebel and Dak, the arena master. The ratling traders will sell the PC food of various quality, of which only cooked lizards and, if these are not available, fried bats are worthwhile. The ratling traders typically carry any amount upwards from 25 pieces of food (though usually in the 40 area), and will occasionally restock their inventory—although restocks can be dreadfully rare.

The ratling rebel will give the PC a scroll denouncing the arena fights. This scroll serves no purpose, other than to train the Literacy skill since it can be read without disappearing and won't trigger several lines of messages like the papyrus scroll. He or she seems to have an infinite number of these scrolls, as it is possible to get several hundred of them by repeatedly 'C'hatting. As these are never randomly generated, it is possible to safely dip them in a potion of raw chaos to get something useful—perhaps a scroll of education or scroll of corruption removal if done in a place of corresponding danger level.

Speaking to the ratling rebel while wearing light furs or thick furs will result in him/her spraying mace at (i.e. blinding) the PC. S/he will give the PC a scroll of peace for killing the arena master.

Nak An'Dwar, the dwarven gladiator, will give an Antediluvian dwarven map fragment to non-troll, non-orc PCs that talk to him with both Rolf's Companion and Rolf's Saviour equipped. He also drops this fragment when killed or when transformed into a chaos monster.

Arena battles

In the centre of the large room is the arena itself, which can be accessed by speaking to Dak. He will allow PCs to fight a series of battles in the arena, and will reward them a stake in gold, generally between 200-600 per fight, although it can be higher for more experienced PCs. Invisible PCs are not allowed to fight in the arena. Upon accepting an arena challenge, the PC will be teleported into the arena proper, and will face a monster. For the first nineteen fights, these battles aren't terribly notable except for the possibility of an arena-generated cat, though the opponents do increase in relative power. The 20th fight, against the current arena champion is more problematic, since it may be against Li-Han-Kay, a leveled ogre magus, who regenerates health, casts invisibility, and attacks with frost bolts. It is advisable to delay the 20th arena fight until the ancient mummy wrapping is obtained, which provides cold immunity and the ability to see invisible.

A PC with intrinsic invisibility obtained from a pool or invisible stalker corpse can only enter the Arena under the influence of a potion of visibility. For this reason, it may be wise to at least finish 19 arena fights, if not become champion outright, before the PC drinks from any pools. As of 2.x.x, normal mummy wrappings also remove invisibility, allowing access to the Arena.

Past the 20th fight, the PC will be challenged by random monsters of random difficulty—extraordinarily dangerous monsters such as chaos wizards, greater molochs and diamond golems have been encountered by mid-level PCs, for example. These fights are rarely undertaken by most players, since the rewards are not substantially better, but the risk is considerable. If the PC is powerful enough to kill pretty much any monster in the game, the fights do usually result in considerable XP. There is a limited number of fights available, as sooner or later Dak will tell the player that no one is willing to fight him anymore.

Upon completing the 20th fight, the player will be crowned arena champion and will receive the golden gladius. Note that it is strongly recommended that the arena championship be completed in conjunction with the appropriate quest if the player wishes to avoid an annoying random monster quest. Many players also avoid using pools before running the Arena for fear of gaining intrinsic invisibility and rendering the arena nearly inaccessible.

Note that teleportation is allowed on the arena level. Any monster teleported from the arena (including Li-Han-Kay or any other championship monster) instantly loses the fight, so in principle the player can win the entire arena without killing a single monster. This will, of course, leave these monsters wandering the level, so they may need to be dealt with eventually, but means that the player may avoid killing the arena cats. Self-teleportation is also possible, but when the PC returns to Dak:

  • he will throw the PC back into the arena stunned;
  • if the PC has stun resistance, they will be thrown into the arena confused;
  • if the PC has confusion resistance and is male, he will be thrown to the arena paralyzed;
  • and finally, if the PC is paralyzation resistant (or confusion resistant and female), Dak complains he won't "waste more time on such a weakling", yet throws the PC in the arena, with no negative status conditions this time.

The test fight is an exception to this: Dak will not inflict any status effects for PCs escaping this fight.

Bypassing Dak is not an option because teleporting into the Arena from outside is not possible.

The square where Dak stands counts as being inside the Arena, but moving him from that square disables the normal sequence after defeating opponents in the Arena (free teleport out, reward).



See Thrundarr's Quests for details on the arena quest.