Material required? No
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

Archery can improve the PC's to-hit bonus, damage, and range when using missiles. It is also prerequisite for two powerful talents.

Manual info[]

This skill increases your proficiency with missile weapons. Archers receive a bonus of +1 to hit per 10 points in this score and a bonus of +1 to damage per 20 points in this score. All other classes receive a bonus of +1 to hit per 25 points in this skill and a bonus of +1 to damage per 40 points of skill score. This skill also slightly increases the range of your missile attacks on a successful skill check (which is done automatically whenever you use a missile).


The bonuses provided by Archery are class-dependent: at skill level 100, Archers receive +10 to-hit and +5 damage, while PCs of any other class receive +4 to-hit and +2 damage. Archers also start at a higher level in the skill and usually have high training modifiers, allowing them to reach level 100 earlier in the game.

Regardless of class, the Archery skill is prerequisite for two potent talents: Eagle Eye and Lightning Shot. For this reason, it may be deemed worthy of a wish.

Advanced uses[]

Archery gives a chance to hit targets which are beyond the normal shooting range, i.e. targets in the red zone. Common ranged weapons (bows, crossbows and possibly slings) do not benefit much as they usually provide sufficient range already, but the extra range may be more useful for other missile weapon categories or special items (e.g. potions, the Black torc).


The following races start with Archery: Hurthling.
The following classes start with Archery: Archer, Assassin, Farmer, Fighter, Ranger.


Shooting missiles. It's not necessary to hit or even attack monsters with missiles; in theory the skill could be trained to 100 simply by repeatedly shooting a returning missile at the air.