Material required? None
80/100 giving extra checks? Yes
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

Skill that is passively used to get approximate worth of an item based on status and numerical bonuses.

Manual info[edit source]

This skill allows the estimation of the value and power of unknown items. Items are rated on the following scale:

  • horrible
  • terrible
  • poor
  • mediocre
  • fair
  • good
  • great
  • superb
  • amazing

A score of poor and below should be considered to be a warning. Handle such items with great care!

Basics[edit source]

A greatly misunderstood skill, appraising works over time on unidentified items to determine the B/U/C status of non-equipment items, and to give a rough idea how useful a piece of equipment is.

Appraising works slightly differently for different types of items.

For necklaces, rings, tools, food, instruments, scrolls, potions, books, and gems, appraising will only report the blessed/uncursed/cursed status as good/fair/mediocre respectively. Inherently harmful items (such as rings of doom) may be appraised very poorly regardless of status, otherwise appraisal rarely helps determine how useful one of these items actually is.

For wands, appraising doesn't indicate much. Wands of all types will almost always appear mediocre, blessed wands with many charges may appraise better.

For all other items, the result of appraising will change based on a combination of three factors:

  • B/U/C status
  • Presence of ego modifiers (good modifiers tend to raise appraised level, bad modifiers reduce appraised level)
  • Amount of hit/damage/DV/PV bonuses compared to a vanilla version of that item.

Generally, equipment that is appraised mediocre will be cursed/have negative bonuses. These are fairly safe to toss.

Equipment appraised fair has the widest range of cases. Notably, fair equipment may be cursed, but will have some sort of bonus or ego modifier if so.

Good appraised equipment is almost always safe to try on, but be warned, cursed items may have enough positive bonuses to be appraised good. If "good" appraised items are being tested via equipping, a cursed item will usually have at least +4 in positive bonuses (and/or a ego modifier) over a vanilla version of the item.

Appraising becomes much less useful after getting enough blessed scrolls of identify for regular use.

Advanced uses[edit source]

Stacking of appraised items has some trickery… In particular if you have same stuff appraised and pick up new they seem to stack but if you had unappraised item and are picking appraised one the whole stack will be unappraised once again.

Obtaining[edit source]

Race: Ratling
Classes: Merchant, Necromancer, Thief, Weaponsmith.

Training[edit source]

Evaluating items. Since evaluation happens at random (“you have x feeling about y”), it is probably best trained by carrying around some unID unappraised junk.

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