Animated Tree
Location Animated Forest
Monster type Plant
Alignment Neutral
Unique? No
Sees invisible? No
Sees in the dark? No
Magic resistance None
Picks up items? No
1.1.1 KPL 5

Animated trees are a special monster only encountered in the Animated Forest in the Caverns of Chaos. They are generally not hostile unless provoked, however some hostile ones might be encountered. They are highly vulnerable to fire spells (and offensive Alchemy), but using fire spells will cause all animated trees on the level to become hostile.

In ADOM version 1.1.1, trees can be affected by mindcraft and killed by the banshee's wail. They are affected by neither in 1.2.0.

Note that it is possible to fight the trees in the forest to pass through, but this can be dangerous as they will quickly level up, becoming harder and harder to fight.

Special abilities[]

Common stats[]

Level: 1, DV: 10, PV: 15, Hits: 70, Attacks: 2, Damage: 7-21. Speed: 100.
Level: 2, DV: 10, PV: 15, Hits: 96, Attacks: 2, Damage: 7-21. Speed: 100.

Level: 78, DV: 61, PV: 30, Hits: 483, Attacks: 9, Damage: 32-46. Speed: 100.

Corpse effects[]

Plants don't drop corpses. Trees can drop logs, however.

Monster memory[]

While all trees are alive, these are especially noted for being mobile as well. These protectors of the woods look exactly like normal trees, except when they shamble about on mobile root stubs, or swing branches down upon the enemies of the wood. Thick bark and flexible limbs are possessed by all, regardless of the species of tree an individual may resemble.