Animal is a monster type in ADOM. Animals belong to a diverse mixture of semi-intelligent monsters — which usually can be affected by mindcraft (with the exception of a few animals such as rabid dogs), but can't use equipment and tend to not speak in a comprehensible language.

The monster class consists of several monsters including felines ('f'), rodents ('r'), dogs ('d'), bats ('B'), natural beasts such as bears ('N'), spiders ('S'), snakes ('s'), lizards ('l'), worms ('w'), insects('i'), and aquatic monsters ('A').

Almost all fantastic beasts ('F') — excepting giant frogs, giant boars, and giant slugs — are different from their mundane counterparts. Their nature is typically more magical and they share neither vulnerabilities against Beastfighters, nor can be tamed (see below).

Common Attributes[]


Except for the black whip of extinction there is no other known weapon that 'slays' animals or fantastic beasts, though it is said that when engaging an animal in unarmed melee Beastfighters have a 20% higher chance to land a critical hit on it[1].

Cat's Claw is a slaying weapon against rats, which is subtype of animals.


  • Music: All non-aquatic animals can be calmed and eventually tamed by music.
  • Meat: All animals can be calmed and tamed with pieces of raw meat and fresh meat.
  • Long bow of hunting is very effective (especially blessed) at generating animal corpses.