Ancardia is the primary setting for ADOM. It is a world populated by various intelligent races as well as mundane and fantastic creatures. Ancardia features a strong presence of magic in a large number of different forms. The world of Ancardia is located on a single plane of existence within a multiplanar universe. Various creatures from other planes can sometimes be found in Ancardia; the incursion from the plane of primal chaos serves as the primary plot-driving force. There is an extensive religious system among intelligent races tied to three major fundamental forces of Chaos, Balance and Order.

Known history[]

Historical/legendary figures[]

There is a number of named legendary figures mentioned by various sources who are missing from the main story of any ADOM game but their legacy which might directly influence the PC. Typically their legacy includes powerful artifacts.

The following table contains notes on these characters.

Character Legacy Sources of information Notes
Rolf Rolf's Companion
Rolf's Saviour
Thrundarr Rolf is a legendary dwarven hero who lived countless years ago and was apparently crucial to shaping the race history. It is possible that he is still alive somewhere.
Caladriel The phial of Caladriel Thrundarr, Mad Minstrel Caladriel was a trollish magician apparently in conflict with some karmic beings. This conflict ultimately resulted in her death.
The High King The ring of the High Kings
The Tomb of the High Kings
Royal vaults
Thrundarr, Mad Minstrel, eternal guardian, royal guardians An unnamed (presumably last) ruler of a kingdom, the High King is responsible for tasking the eternal guardian (his brother) with his duty.
Niltrias The Library
A technique to maintain immortality (Necromancers' level 50 class power)
PC Necromancers, NPC necromancers Niltrias is an anagram of Raistlin, which may be a reference to Raistlin Majere[1], a character in the Dragonlance book series.
Alsophocus Black tome of Alsophocus There is a neo-cthulthu story of the same name[2]
Brannalbin Brannalbin's Cloak of Defense Brannalbin is handle/user name deployed by Thomas Biskup on twitter/youtube/devianart/etc [3][4]
Perion Perion's mithril plate mail Perion de la Forê was hero of fantasy book from 1913 [5]
St. Montojja Fencing gloves of St. Montojja St. Montojja appears to be a reference to Inigo Montoya[6], a skilled fencer from The Princess Bride by William Goldman.
Havlor Iron Crown of Havlor Could also be a place.
Arak Arak's Guard
Kalmius Kalmius' Shield
Michal Michals Transmogrifier