Alignment is one of the many attributes of the PC in ADOM, representing — as the manual words it — the basic moral/religious outlook on the world. Alignment is a dynamic attribute: while its starting value is strictly determined by a set of factors, it may freely change during the game as a result of the PC's actions. The Law skill gives a chance to identify the nature of such actions (lawful or chaotic).

There are three alignment groups in ADOM — chaotic, neutral and lawful — and 11 alignment subgroups representing some flavor of the base three. Alignment score is supposedly represented internally as a number ranging from -10000 to +6000. The current value might be checked by reading a scroll of balance (cursed scrolls, however, provide less precise results). Alignment subgroups occupy fixed ranges within the global score range:

C- C CN NC N- N= N+ NL LN L L+
-10000 -5000 -1250 -1000 -750 -125 125 750 1000 1250 5000 6000

Information from the manual[]

Generally, alignments represent the basic moral ideas and beliefs of a character. A lawful character believes in law, order, the welfare of the whole community, tradition, peace and happiness. Chaotic characters enjoy change, are creative but also are quite selfish and generally are an unorganized lot. Some of the more extreme chaotic beings are downright evil, many extreme chaotics are quite mad. Lastly, there are neutral beings who apply the best or worst principles of both sides to make up their basic belief system.

Starting alignment[]

The main factor defining starting alignment of the PC is his/her race. Some star signs provide a minor effect; finally, character class may provide a further major effect or override the value entirely.



  • Classes with major lawful tendencies include Healers (+1000).
  • Classes with major chaotic tendencies include Necromancers (-1500).
  • Druids will always start neutral regardless of race.
  • Chaos Knights always start at C- regardless of race and star sign.

Star signs[]

Game effects[]


  • Character of a specific alignment will automatically follow one of the three racial deities (Chaos Knights pray to Andor Drakon himself instead of a racial chaotic deity).
  • Each of the three racial deities (or Andor Drakon) have an opinion of the PC measured in piety. Switching a deity greatly angers the former one but pleases the new one. Pleasing one deity will slightly anger the other two.
  • All prayers are directed towards the PC's current deity and their results are dependent on piety level with the current deity.
  • Characters of extreme alignment (C-, N=, L+) are eligible for (post-)crowning.
  • Characters of non-extreme alignment are eligible for precrowning.


  • Sacrificing at an altar will either move the PC's alignment towards the alignment of the altar or vice versa up to the point of changing alignment. Every sacrifice is devoted to the deity corresponding to the current alignment of the altar and might trigger divine retribution.
  • Chaotic PCs can be sacrificed by intelligent monsters on altars matching the alignment of the monster. Neutral and lawful PCs cannot be sacrificed on altars matching their current alignment.


  • C- PCs accumulate corruption at an increased rate. Chaotic crowning will bestow 1-2 corruption effects on the PC.
  • L+ PCs accumulate corruption at a decreased rate.

Peaceful creatures[]


Chaos Knights feature a unique communication scheme with most NPCs. The full details can be viewed on their corresponding page.

Special endings[]


  • Lawful characters who have never commited a chaotic act (even through a balancing effect) and saved Khelavaster (As of 1.2.0 you no longer need to save Khelevaster) will (as Paragons of Order) receive True Strength upon reaching D:50.

Changing alignment[]

Some factors influence the number of 'alignment points' lost or gained by certain actions, thus determining their final effect on the PC's alignment:

Some caps also apply — most notable at C, N-, N=, N+, L — especially for Champions.

List of alignment-changing actions (with approximate values)[]

Action Value
eat Yrruir corpse -8000
sacrifice companion or animal when Druid -100 × exp
eat White unicorn corpse -4000
kill Yrruir -4000
kill White unicorn -2000
step on eudialyte statue -2000
quest "kill Yrruir" -2000
sacrifice Jharod -2000
shatter lawful altar -1500
eat Keethrax corpse -1000
kill Jharod -1000
use Ventriloquism on Thrundarr -1000
chat with Blup after having killed his mom -1000
last quest of Gaab'Baay -1000
quest "Kill the Ice Queen" -1000
eat Emperor moloch corpse -666
kill Tiny girl's dog and tell her the truth -600
attack peaceful monster -500
kill beggar -500
eat undead or Ratling warlord corpse -500
kill Tywat Pare -500
chat with Ratling rebel after the arena master killed -500
animate a corpse -300
get caught shoplifting -250
kill lawful/peaceful monster -4 × exp
shatter neutral altar -200
give poisoned item to monster -200
dig grave -100
learn "Pick pockets" skill -100
cut tree in Terinyo -100
sacrifice on chaotic altar -10 × net cost
pick pockets when not chaotic -50
give gold to Ruun if his alignment less -gold ÷ 20
steal item -4 × net cost
attack with Moon Sickle, Vampirism suffix or Shadow Touch -dmg
use Ventriloquism on lawful monster -10
read Tract of chaos -6
Amulet of chaos or body armor suffix "of chaos", every ~4 turns -1
body armor suffix "of balance", every ~4 turns 1 to N=
read Tract of balance 2 to N=
kill Keethrax when neutral 250 to N=
drink Potion of balance (chance) 10 × attr to N=
quest "Kill Keethrax" when not lawful 400 to N=
kill chaotic monster +exp ÷ 60
Amulet of order or body armor suffix "of order", every ~4 turns +1
give bone to dogs, give meat to animals +1
give gold to beggar, give candy to child +1
give piece of fish meat to Black hurthling +1
read Tract of order +2
cure rabid dog +3
bless monster +5
plant the herb seed +5
offer peace to monster +exp ÷ 10
give flail or seed to farmer +10
chat with unfriendly lawful monster +20
spend some time with lonely monster +30
kill undead or corrupting monster +exp
give gold to Ruun if his alignment greater +gold ÷ 20
give food to beggar +50
scare monster when lawful +100
kill Black unicorn +100
sacrifice on lawful altar +10 × net cost
give food to hungry monster +100
give heal potions to Jharod +150
heal monster +200
give outlaw corpse to Tywat Pare when not chaotic +reward ÷ 2
use Whip +10 × dmg
eat Ratling guardian corpse +250
kill Keethrax when lawful +250
kill Hotzenplotz +250
quest "kill the ogre tribe" +250
quest "kill a greater daemon" +250
quest "Kill Kranach" +250
quest "Kill Hotzenplotz" +350
kill Haggar +400
quest "Kill Keethrax" when lawful +400
kill Kranf Niest +500
quest "Save Yrrigs" +500
tell Tiny girl about her dog killed (not by PC) +600
quest "Rescue the Cute Dog" +800
heal Yrrigs +1000
kill Riurry +1000
chat with Blup after having found his mom +1000
kick chaotic altar +1000
use Whip to death and resurrect +2000
save Khelavaster +5000