Material required? none
80/100 giving extra checks? yes
Obtainable in game? no
Wishable no

The Alertness skill greatly increases the PC's chance of dodging combat magic and somewhat increases the chance of detecting traps and invisible monsters. It is worth noting that this skill cannot be wished for—wishing for "Alertness" will instead raise the PC's Perception.

Manual infoEdit

This skill is used automatically. It can help to sense traps and invisible monsters although it is not too effective at either (which basically means that an active search for traps with the respective skill has a much higher chance of success). It can save your character from some nasty surprises at times. However, it's also *very* helpful when trying to dodge combat magic since high reflexes (as created by a high alertness skill) will help to dodge combat magic with lightning speed. Finally, a high skill value grants some minor DV bonuses: +1 at 75+, +2 at 90+ and +4 at 100.


The DV bonus works as described by the manual.

Alertness is very effective against combat magic, especially after the 80 and 100 thresholds. Having Alertness at 100 (triple check) allows the PC to dodge a large percentage of incoming magical attacks, even with low DV.

Advanced usesEdit

The PC's Alertness score seems to have an influence on his/her chance of stepping on a trapped square for the first time without triggering it ("You discover a(n) x trap, hidden at this place!"). Minor testing done in the Dwarven Graveyard cave with a PC of skill score 100 in Alertness, and without the Detect Traps skill, showed an average of 16 traps avoided in this way and 16 traps triggered, perhaps suggesting a peak chance of 50% for PCs with this skill to evade traps in this way.

The PC's score in Alertness also seems to influence how regularly the message "You sense some motions in the air in your vicinity" appears when an invisible monster is close by; however, the skill does not seem to allow the PC to actually see invisible monsters (without the appropriate intrinsic).


Races: Dark Elves, Drakelings and Mist Elves.

Classes: Archer, Assassin, Duelist, Healer, Monk, Ranger, Thief.


Avoiding combat magic; using the skill to evade traps without triggering them.

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