Material required? Potions or Herbs
80/100 giving extra checks? No
Obtainable in game? No
Wishable Yes

Alchemy allows you to mix two different ingredients together to make a potion. Failure results in an alchemical explosion that damages the PC and nearby monsters.

Manual info[]

Alchemy allows you to brew magical potions. To use this skill, you need to collect the ingredients required to mix magical potions. It is also required to have the recipe for a potion at hand.


You can't brew anything without a recipe except an explosion. If the PC doesn't know the recipe it will create an explosion, even if you somehow guess a correct recipe. The order of ingredients when mixing does not matter.

Recipes can be accessed with "R" in-game. You receive one recipe per 10 points of the skill. Alchemy is rated as very good by most players.

Possible ingredients:

Recipes (always the same resulting potions, but the order varies):

The two ingredients are never chosen to be the same item, a maximum of one herb per recipe is possible, and a potion cannot be an ingredient for its own creation.

Potion of poison is always the first recipe for Assassins. Potion of gain attributes is always the last recipe. Some ingredients such as potions of longevity can be produced using alchemy.

Advanced uses[]

If someone prepares, using fire immunity or multiple resistances and some gear to protect items (ring of ice, fireproof blanket), alchemical explosions can be abused to injure nearby monsters. Since it is possible to mix two herbs this potentially gives unlimited fireballing power.

Offensive alchemy does not depend on the ingredients used in mixing, on the Alchemy skill level, on whether or not it is the first time the PC has mixed certain potions, or on status of potions and herbs used. The blast radius of explosions is random (between one and three) [1].

Alchemical blasts are counted as fire against creatures vulnerable to it (e.g. water grues, water demons, water snakes, Rehetep, Nonnak). This probably quadruples the damage.


Starting as Assassin, Merchant (specializing in potions only), Necromancer or Wizard.


Successful use of skill (not causing fireballs).