The Air Temple is a special dungeon level in the Caverns of Chaos, on level 38-40 of the dungeon. The right side of the level consists of a few randomly generated rooms; whilst the left side, in which the temple itself lies, always has a fixed structure that is constant between games. The temple contains the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air — which is carried by Yulgash the Master Summoner.

Main Features[]

Symbol Name Notes
@ Yulgash The master summoner, who has the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air.
# Secret passage Searching will reveal the hidden passage.
x Air grue Minion monster.
& Air demon Minion monster.
E Air elemental Minion monster.
r Vapor rat Minion monster.
C Chaos servant Minion monster.

The right side of the level contains a few random dungeon rooms, and the stairs to the Heavenly Area. The left side of the level is sealed off by many squares of rocks with no secret passages; instead, the PC must dig through the rock using a pick axe or magic (including wands of digging). PCs with a very high standing with their deity can pray for a pick axe in an elemental temple, if they don't have one. Digging in any straight line straight through the rock is enough to reach the Air Temple. The entire level itself is a no-teleport area.

As well as stinking of ozone, the left side of the level has one very notable feature — the PC will be struck by constant shock damage, even as soon as they enter their tunnel into the left side. Four sources of shock resistance (or one source of shock immunity) are required to prevent the PC from taking any damage, with intrinsic shock resistance counting twice. Worn and carried items are also affected, so it is prudent to drop items made from shock-vulnerable materials.

The temple in the center of the left side of the level is guarded by air demons, chaos servants, and vapor rats on the outside. The inside of the temple contains a chaotic altar, Yulgash who carries the Chaos Orb of Elemental Air, air elementals, and air grues. The Temple is surrounded by traps, and has a secret entrance in the middle of the right-hand side; but can be easily entered from any side by digging (as can be seen in the above image).



Khelavaster assigns the PC to collect an Orb from each of the five elemental temples and reach the Chaos Gate; thus it is necessary to visit the Air Temple to achieve any sort of victory.