Sometimes monsters are marked as (afraid) after their monster type, which means that they are panicking and attempt to flee from the PC if possible. Surprisingly, afraid monsters tend to pick up loot from the floor, which hinders their chances to escape. If they can, they will run to a corner of the map and stay there (or escape if in the Wilderness). However, if the PC uses a ranged attack on the monster (or at least tries to), the monster may start chasing again. If a monster with the afraid status has no escape route, it will attack the character and might enter the enraged state.

Chatting with frightened humanoids will sometimes give an option to offer them peace. Offering them peace will turn them non-hostile, award a fraction of the experience that would be gained by killing them, and provide a lawful boost. Killing a monster that has been offered peace will not give any experience.

Generally, monsters most commonly panic when they become substantially injured. The amount of injury needed for a monster to panic is not known; it can be as low as 'moderately injured', as observed during the Weakest Link. The number of hits received or some other factors might be involved.

Other PC actions/states that can make a monster afraid: