The ADOM Guidebook is a strategy compendium of ADOM created in 2000 and maintained by Andy Williams. The last update was made to it in 2010, and presently work on it has been discontinued[1]; meaning the information it supplies now only relates to ADOM version 1.1.1, not the latest releases. It contains many general hints about the game, as well as usually accurate information on just about anything in the game. It can be found on


The Guidebook is basically divided in three parts. The first part, which includes the "0" chapters, give explanations on almost any game concept and mechanic — such as 10 of the races and 20 of the classes; dungeon features, herbs, and other information that builds on the information contained in the manual. The second part consists of descriptions of various locations in the game, along with strategic guidance and details on the quests and how to deal with them. The last part is the appendices, which contain complete tables of the many items in the game along with their functions, as well as a table listing all the creatures in the game along their abilities and the effects of their corpses.

The Guidebook, given the high density of information, is high in spoilers; players which intend to retain their curiosity and the mysteriousness of much of the game's content should refrain from reading it too thoroughly. That said, of the players that do finish the game, the majority have at some point made use of the Guidebook; for many players which arrive at later parts of the game, the investment in the character is too great for them to keep pressing on unspoiled and risk an unexpected death.

Improved ADOM Guidebook[]

The Improved ADOM Guidebook is an alternate (unauthorized by Andrew Williams) version of the Guidebook extending the base version with information obtained through various means of reverse engineering.